Embedding a GeoGebra App

  1. After finding the GeoGebra Activity app from GeoGebra that you wish to embed in SLS, click on the "more" button (the one with 3 dots arranged vertically).
  2. Click on the option for Details.
  3. GeoGebra More Vert Button

  4. In the Details page, click on Share.
  5. GeoGebra Share Button

  6. In the Share page, select the tab labelled Embed.
  7. Copy the embed code.
  8. GeoGebra Embed Code

Pasting the Embed Code in SLS

  1. Edit an Activity within a Lesson.
  2. Click Add Component Button to expand the toolbar.
  3. In the toolbar, click Text.
  4. Embed Website

  5. Click on the embed website button Embed Website button.
  6. Embed Website

  7. Paste the embed code provided by the GeoGebra App.
  8. Modify the width and height of the embedded iframe by editing the code. The optimal width is 640 pixels and height is 480 pixels, so the code should read width="640" height="480".
  9. Editing the Embed Code

  10. After editing the embed code, click OK.
  11. Check the preview of the embedded GeoGebra App.
  12. Embedded GeoGebra App